Date with hubby.

Today was a good. I went to lunch with Mark and we both realized that it has been a very long decade since even going out to lunch. We finally hit a part in our marriage, where the kids are almost all grown.

Our son Markie is 18 and signed up with the Marine Corp; he leaves in June. Aimee is almost 17 and has 1 more year to finish high school. She already plans to attend MTSU in the fall of 2012. We will just have Traci, the youngest at home; she’s 12 going on 21,lol.

Even though we will have Traci still at home and occasionally Aimee on the weekends, life will be different. I will be finishing up college this semester, and starting work. The girls will be doing more things on their own, leaving time for Mark and I able to rediscover who we are as a couple. Not just as parents or identified as the kids mom and dad, but friends and lovers as we once were.

Our oldest daughter, Aimee, teases us all the time. She pretends to be embarrassed by us showing affection as would most kids. Even though she also says that it’s creepy but in a cool way. Most of her friends parents are divorced.

I really can’t ask for much more in my life. The bills are met, the kids are great. I am also married to a great guy. Who I get to share the upcoming new path of experiences in this well traveled marriage.

Time and I are on proper footing, and will walk with bliss and Love and Light.


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