First day of last semester

Today I started the first day of my last semester at National College. All I can say it has been a long ride. One that I wanted to be a different type of graduation. This degree will merely help obtain a paycheck, not what I had hoped for a dream college degree which into gave the dream career in any art field.

I still hope to one day achieve that dream, but it might be a little while. There is a neat thing graduating this year, because my son graduates this year from high school. He graduates on May 21 and I graduate on May 27. Hopefully everyone I want to be there can make it.

During this time of the year we have a lot of things that we do as a family. The first thing we will be doing is the Cherry Blosson festival, the girls really look forwards to this. Next we will have Earth Day downtown, followed by MTAC. Lastly this part of the year will be TN renfaire, which is my favorite event.

I will write more later at the hospital with Mark.


Life can sure move fast

Since my last semester ended a week ago, life has sure moved fast for me. I got the van I wanted, as well as an iPad, which I was so not expecting at all. I almost finished with my denim jacket design. I really should have done this ages ago, but I alway seem to put off which I shouldn’t.

I signed up with the gym, and I can tell they are going to be the push I needed. They already made calls to the house for orientation. Crazy shit man, I have never gone to a gym that dose that. They also gave me a free months worth of tanning, and free month for Mark to see if he will start coming too.

I have 2 swaps to get done with:

1. Ostara Swap
2. Miyazaki Swap

Once done with those I must start working on the girls cosplay ideas. traci is more into cosplaying that Aimee is; she would rather hang out with no stress. Also, through all of this I need to get Ostara ready for my own house. Classes start back up for on Monday, not so much looking forward to that. I am comforted in though that this is my last semester and then I graduate. YES!!!!!

I canot wait. 3 more months to go. Wish me luck!